We are a frozen seafood company and we mainly deal with the preparation of frozen ready meals for large retailers.
The company was born from years of experience and knowledge acquired in the processing and sale of fresh and imported fish and, today, is specialized in the supply of high quality fish products.

We are a point of reference for the market of frozen ready meals for large retailers, we are young and dynamic and we work with love and respect for the sea and good food. What distinguishes us is our constant search for new ideas and inspirations to be able to bring to your tables the authentic flavours of the sea.

Frozen food

We offer frozen dishes for catering, to prepare in minutes and without resorting to pots and stoves, simple recipes, quality and free of preservatives and hydrogenated fats.


We prepare our sauces using only the first fruits of the sea and following a slow cooking as a long tradition.

Second courses

Our burgers are made of only fish fillets, worked with the other ingredients in order to respect the right consistency.

First courses

We prepare our first courses respecting the traditional production method, selecting each ingredient and obtaining a creamy filling rich in aromatic notes.


We prepare our salads by selecting natural ingredients and leaving their freshness unaltered.

Thawed fish

We offer you defrosted fish from a selection of fresh fish that exclusively includes fish from the Adriatic Sea, purchased every day by trusted fishermen and local fish markets.

Clean fish

Our selection of local fish includes: anchovies, mantis shrimps, scaldfish, mullets, gobies, scampi, prawns, crabs.


Our selection of molluscs includes: squid, cuttlefish and octopus.